Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chalk It Up! Post it note holder

Here is my completed project!  It's a post it note/business card holder HOWEVER, I just saw another great spin on this project!!!  Fellow consultant, Kathy Valunas (you can visit her blog at ) made a similar project and made removable tags to put in the pockets .... ADORABLE!!!

This is what the inside front pocket looks like.

And here is the back pocket!  Tags could be inserted in both pockets in place of the post it notes/business cards.

Here's the decorated project and now we'll get started with how to complete this super simple, yet adorable project!

I used my ScorPal score board, you can make it without one using a ruler and bone folder but the score board makes life SO much easier!  Close To My Heart just started carrying one in the new Annual Inspirations book

Place your 12x12 paper on your score board.  Score it at 2", 6" and 10".  Rotate the paper 1/4 turn and score at 4" and 8".  The fold all of the creases.  You'll then locate your 6" line (the one down the middle) and cut it 9" along the line.  You'll leave 1 box in tact (see picture below)

You'll then decide which side of your paper you want to see on the cover and fold it so those sides are matching to make your paper look like the image below.

You'll then fold up your 2" flaps on either side

You're going to glue the square that you left in tact so that your image will look like below.  You'll now have four squares and a flap that hangs down (that flap is the one you just glued)

Lay the paper on the four sides and finish adhering the flap 

You're going to re-open the 2" flap that you folded
Add adhesive to the 2" flap edge to make the pocket.

You're now going to apply adhesive to the entire outer square and fold it in. Do the same thing on the other side.

These show the outer edge of the flaps

I applied washi tape to seal the pocket

Then I folded the project back together.

I applied washi tape as the seam binding

Cut a strip 1 1/2 " apply a little bit of liquid glass to the edge to adhere it to the holder

Attach the closure tab to the back side of the holder

I folded the flap over to give it extra support (although this is not necessary) and attached it using liquid glass.

I use self stick velcro and attached it to the closure.

A piece of shimmer trim was added and VOILA!  A super simple project that uses minimal amounts of paper & supplies!  

If you look a bunch of posts back (I believe it was Mary 2013) I have a similar tutorial of the post it note holder with a flower on the front of it.  

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to email me at  

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