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How To Assemble Your Sunflower Wreath Kit

Assembling the Sunflower Wreath

Thank you for purchasing your pre-cut sunflower wreath kit from CraftedWorks. I tried to be clear and include photos, however feel free to contact me with any questions!

Here we go!!!

Bend your wires into “V” shapes. Lay the yellow rectangle length wise in front of you. Starting with the bottom right corner, scrunch on a diagonal up to the top left corner (see next photo). It will look like a butterfly. Place the wire over the butterfly & twist 3 or 4 times.

Continue to do this to each piece of yellow burlap until you have made them all into the flower petals (or butterflies).  Be sure to leave enough wire to be able to attach it to the wreath form.

Just showing how I wire it (view from the top side)

You will then place your petals aside and make the middle section of your flower.  

Using the long piece of tan burlap, locate the side that has the wire showing. Hold the burlap vertically with the wire facing you.

Fold the top of the burlap down about 3  inches or show (as pictured above)

Bring the bottom part of the burlap (the long piece) up to meet the edge of the first piece you folded. Refer to photo. You should now have something that resembles an “8”

Continue to wrap the burlap around the original “8” shape that you made **DO NOT FAN FOLD IT, keep wrapping like you’re winding a rope** There should be a 3” or 4” “tail” left.

I rotated the loops horizontally and this is what you should have. **nothing to do in this step, just wanted to show the view that you’ll be working from**

Pinch the middle of the loops. Be sure that you’ve pinched the first piece so that it doesn’t come apart

Using the longer piece of wire in your kit, wire the loops with the wire coming out of the bottom (same side as the “tail”)

Grasp the loops horizontally with the “tail” hanging down. (the wired edge of the tail should be facing you, if not, just twist it so that you see the wired edge)

Bring the tail up & over the top of the wire but be sure to leave a space (don’t pull it tight, this will be one of the loops in the center of your flower)

Pinch the middle of the tail that you just brought to the back and wire it using the wire that is already there.

Separate the loops on either side **you are NOT making a bow so it doesn’t matter if they’re the same length or the same amount on either side**

Once the loops are separated, you’re going to scrunch the loops into a ball in the middle **you will fluff this in a later step.

You’re now ready to wire your center piece (the scrunched ball) to the “X” in the middle of your wreath.  Using the left over wire from the back of the scrunched ball, wire it to the middle of the “X”. Twist if several times because you will be moving these loops around a lot in the end and you want to make sure that your middle doesn’t fall out.

Now that your middle piece is wired on, you’re ready to start adding the petals.

Once all petals are formed, you’re going to start attaching them to the wreath form. Wrap 3 petals  per section around rows one and two (as shown in the photo) This should use up 18 petals. You will do the same thing around rows 3 & 4 (the two outside wire rows) putting 4 petals per section for a total of 24 being used.  You will have extras left.

You have two green petals.  Lay them horizontally and gather them from top to bottom in the middle & wire them just as you did with the yellow pieces. **Not diagonally, make sure you’re gathering from top the center**
 Add your green petals wherever you want on your wreath, just play with it to see where you like it. **Your wreath will NOT be pretty at this point … that means you’re doing it right!!**

Start to fluff your wreath.  You want to start with the middle, spreading out the tan burlap but don’t pull them up, spread them flatter more than making them stick out. This is the part that will make or break your wreath. If you pull your loops too far forward, they will be the main focus of your wreath and that’s not what you want.

Once your middle section is fluffed, start fluffing the petals. You want them to stick out rather than lay flat. Make sure that all petals are pulled to the front of the wreath and not hiding under the tan piece. The more you fluff it, the better it will look! 

Now that you have fluffed, you’re ready to add in the additional yellow filler pieces. These can be wired wherever they’re needed to fill in your wreath.

Cut all wires on the back (or you can do this as you go along … it’s up to you!) Just don’t cut them too short or they’ll come undone. I cut mine about ¼” and press them into the wreath so that it doesn’t scratch anything.

You have now completed your sunflower wreath!!  Time to hang, fluff once more & enjoy!!!

If you don’t like the look of the frayed edges, trim all stray pieces once the wreath is assembled and spray it with either aerosol hairspray or spray starch to prevent them from fraying further.

If you have any questions, I can be reached by email at www.craftedworks.com

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