Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Open Crop!!!

Sometimes the way my brain functions (or fails to function) completely amazes me!!!  I have rented the American Legion (lower level) for my Christmas card workshop on Saturday, October 22nd.  It just occurred to me that I might as well make the most of having the extra space SSSOOOOOOO, in conjunction with the Christmas card workshop, there will be an open crop night!  If you want to get out for the evening, get some scrapbooking done and hang out with some fun people, let me know!!!  I'll need to know ahead of time so I can be sure to have plenty of snacks for everyone!!!  No fee/obligation for the crop, just want to get the most out of having a large space (even if you declined the card class, I'd still love to have you come scrapbook!)  We'll be there from 6pm until 11pm (or midnight).  I really hope that you'll consider coming out for an evening of fun :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Christmas Card Workshop Samples ....

Here are the samples of the cards that we'll be making at the Christmas Card Workshop.  The patterns & colors of the papers may vary but they all coordinate so the creative possibilities are ENDLESS!  Here's how it's going to work.  Let me know how many of each card that you want to make so that I can get your papers cut for you. The images that are stamped are able to be changed to your liking, I will have several different stamp sets available for you to choose from!  If there is a specific stamp that you'd like to use, let me know and I can get it or if you own a stamp that you'd like to use, feel free to bring it!

There are 2 different options available for the Christmas card workshop.

Option A ~ $20 ~ Make 25 Christmas cards *You will need to specify which layouts you'd like to do*

Option B ~ $30 ~ Make 50 Christmas Cards (some of these can be turned into Holiday themed Thank You
                             Cards)  *You will need to specify which layouts you'd like to do*

You will need to bring your own adhesive.  I recommend a glue pen/ tape runner and glue dots.  You will also need scissors.

If you plan on shading your cards (referring to the Santa hat & Ivy on the card) you will need to bring or purchase a blending pen (p. 132 ~ $3.95) .

 Bitty Sparkles were used as an added embellishment on the stocking and Merry Christmas card.  If you want those, they come in a package of 100 for $3.95.  **Bitty Sparkles and blending pens can also be shared between friends!**

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Payment for the Christmas Card Workshop needs to be submitted no later than October 3rd.  The workshop will be on October 22nd (and I still have to choose another date for those who cannot attend the workshop).

Card #1 ~ Christmas Trees
** Stamping, sanding and liquid applique**

Card #2 ~ 4 Corners Horizontal
**Shading the image of your choice using the blending pen**

Card #3 ~ Tri-pattern
**Mixing and matching patterns along with stamp shading**

 Card #4 ~ 4 Corners Vertical
**Simple stamping and embellishing**

 Card #5 ~ Photo Card
**This card holds a 3x5 photo.  The photo just slides right in!**

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Input wanted for Christmas Card stamps ....

If you're planning on doing the Christmas Card Making Classes this year, please send your input as to which stamps you like to see! I plan on having at least 4 different stamp sets for you to choose from but they're YOUR cards so let me know what your thoughts are! If you have a favorite holiday stamp set from the Idea Book that you'd like to vote for, please message me with the name of the stamp and the page number that it can be found on!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monthly Clubs (for grown ups!)

Monthly clubs will be set up once again starting in September.  Commit to spending $29.95 (before shipping/taxes) each month and you'll get to be the hostess at least twice/year (once/Idea Book).  If you'd like to be the hostess more often, you can reserve 2 spots and order $59.90/month.  Clubs will be limited to 6 participants and they are filling up QUICKLY! 
The orders will be due by the 25th of the month.  I'd like to get a schedule set up and emailed out to everyone so that you'll know which month will be your hostess month and you can plan on getting extra orders to earn more free product!  Keep in mind, the new Idea Book increased the number of items available for Hostess Rewards. 
If you know someone who would like to join the club with you, please let me know ASAP so that I can put you in the same club as your friend! 
Please email me back quickly to reserve a spot...they are on a first come, first served basis!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Name Banner .....

I just LOVE all of the My Creations projects that are showcased in the current Idea Book!  I purchased the My Creations Banner ($5.95 on page 131) and the Sophia paper packet.  The colors in the paper packet will match the baby's nursery PERFECTLY. I made her name banner using the Sophia paper pack, the ribbons are from the pink collection ($7.95 on page 124) and the banner previously listed above.  We'll be using these banners in another form during Crafty Kids so keep your eyes peeled for the versatile projects that this banner kit has to offer!  

Countdown To Christmas activity for Grant ....

I made this countdown to Christmas activity for Grant.  Every day, starting on December 13th, he'll find the card with the corresponding date and do the specified activity.  He is VERY excited about it.  I used the Mistletoe paper packet from CTMH from last year (trying to use up excess paper) and the SOTM for November 2011 (I LOVE this stamp set!!!)  If you'd like to make one of these, you can purchase the MyCreations Memory Game for $9.95 on page 131 on the Autumn/Winter Idea Book.  There is a sample design on page 54 of the current idea book as well :) Just thought that I'd share my latest crafty project with everyone :)

Above is the entire set of cards.

It's in reverse order but I wanted to show the detail of the stamp and let you be able to read the activities.  

Friday, August 5, 2011

More info. on Christmas Card Workshop .....

The Christmas Card Workshop is just around the corner! I hope that by now you have all received your new Idea Book (if not, let me know and I'll get it sent out!). If there is a holiday stamp that you'd like to vote for to be used with the cards, please let me know! I'm in the very preliminary stages of planning the workshop so now is the time to give me your input.

Also, to anyone who did the class last year, please let me know if there was anything that should be changed or could have worked better (I'm already planning on having more ink pads this year) I love getting feedback....it only helps to make things better for you!!! I am working on getting a larger space than my kitchen as well :)

The tentative date for the workshop is Saturday, October 22nd. You will need to pre-register/pre-pay no later than October 3rd. The cost will be $30 for 50 cards. A nice little twist that I'm going to add this year is the ability to turn some of your 50 cards into thank you cards :)  If you have friends that are interested in joining you at the workshop, just let me know!  

Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas Card Workshop ....

I have been contemplating when to do the Christmas card class.  My original thought was the earlier the better seeing as my baby is due in early December.  I then thought well if I do it too early people won't be in holiday mode yet.  A workshop participant suggested an October workshop so that it's early enough to get them done before the hectic holiday season and the expense of the holiday hits everyone.  That TOTALLY makes sense to me!  (Thanks for the feedback Michelle!)  I'm looking at Saturday, October 22nd for the Christmas card making class.  I may offer a smaller card workshop in November for those who cannot attend the October class (depending on demand).

I'll run it like I did last year.  I'll have sample cards made up ahead of time and take your "orders" for which cards you'd like to make.  I'll have everything cut and ready to go so that all you'll have to do is stamp, assemble and embellish :)  The cost will be $30 for 50 cards. You'll have to opportunity to make all of your cards the same, a few of each or half of one and half of another .... it's up to you!  All you have to do is let me know ahead of time!

With the workshop being on October 22nd, payment and card decisions would need to be in by October 3rd so that I'll have time to order supplies and get everything prepared.

We had a blast last year at the Christmas card workshop and I'm sure it will be as much fun this year!  This workshop will be for card makers/scrapbookers of all levels!  

New beginnings :)

Life changes.  Sometimes you don't know why or how it has happened but it changes and now it's time to embrace the changes.  This is exactly what I'm experiencing in my life right now.  With a new baby on the way, a 7 year old to tend to, a husband who would give us the moon if we asked for it and a whole lot of free time now that I'm new to the SAHM world, my priorities are changing.  I have been a Close To My Heart consultant for about a year and a half but hadn't really made it a priority in my life.  It has never been that I didn't want to do more with my business, I just didn't have time for it.  Well with embracing the changes in my life, I now have the time that I have always wanted to have to dedicate to my CTMH business.  

Things are kicking into high gear with CraftedWorks and I couldn't be happier!  Kids Clubs will be starting up soon (they're filling up SO quickly!) , scrapbooking workshops are increasing in frequency, the Christmas card making class is in the planning stages and I have a few other FUN ideas that I can't wait to share!  

The best part about my CTMH business is that I can take it in whatever direction that I want it to go in!  That's where YOU come into the story!  What is it that you want me to help you learn???  Are you a beginner and want to learn more about scrapbooking?  Have you been scrapbooking for a while and just want to have access to the amazing products that Close To My Heart offers? Do you want to create AMAZING digital scrapbooking pages to put in an album that you can expand?   Are you interested in learning to make cards?  Have you always wanted to give handmade gifts but need some creative assistance?  I can help with ALL of this ....AND MORE!!!!  

I'll be putting out a calendar of events soon so be sure to sign up for the workshops early as spots fill up quickly!  

Right now the sky's the limit when it comes to my CTMH business and I'm looking forward to being able to dedicate the time and energy to help you preserve your precious memories, create beautiful cards and expand your creativity!  

Happy scrapping!